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Find answers here to our frequently asked questions

  • Are you open ?
    No we are closed for the 2023 season. Tulips for Tapping 2024 pending...
  • When do you open ?
    These are our 2023 opening dates: We are open from Thursday 27th April to Monday 8th May Closed on Tuesday 2nd May & Wednesday 3rd May.
  • Why can't you provide exact opening details ?
    Just like flowers in your garden, they bloom at different times/dates each year, the same happens with our tulips. They are a natural growing crop which bloom when they are ready. Sun and rain affect the growing schedule along with other factors that are out of our control. Closer to April we will be able to provide you with dates.
  • Where is the field located ?
    The field is in Norfolk around the King's Lynn area. Location is given to ticket holders once tickets are released.
  • Why do you do this ?
    We do this to support a local charity called The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House. Your entries and donations at the field help change lives.
  • Can we pick the tulips?
    Sorry no, they need to remain for our growth process and to ensure we have a stronger bulb for the following year! We do have bunches available for you to purchase at the field.
  • How much are tickets and how do I buy them ?
    £5 per adult £3 per child These can be purchased via the link on our event page. Follow us on instagram @norfolktulips to see when they are released
  • What facilities are at the field ?
    We have previously has stalls selling refreshments, cakes, ice creams and merchandise. There are toilets at the field too. If you would like to be a vendor for this years event please contact The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House
  • I'm a professional photographer and want to take pictures, is this possible ?
    Yes this is possible, We will be selling landscape photography passes (just to photograph tulips) or portrait passes (to enable photographers to sell photoshoot sessions to families) and we will be putting on 3 x Golden Hour shoot sessions (6.30pm – 8.30pm). All enquiries to
  • Can I bring my dog ?
    No we do not allow dogs at the field. It is important for us to protect our crop
  • I am a wheelchair user am I able to visit the field ?
    You can visit, but please bear in mind this is a working field with no specific access or formal pathways. Please contact if you have any concerns
  • I would like to bring my drone to fly over the field, is this possible ?
    Currently, this is not possible. We do try to cater for all needs as best we can, but unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.
  • I want to film in the Tulip Fields, is this possible ?
    All enquiries to
  • I am travelling by public transport, how do I get to the field ?
    The closest public transport to the field will be the Train Station at King's Lynn, from there our best advice is to get a taxi to the field. You can search local bus routes, however we cannot guarantee this will take you near to the field.
  • The time slots are 45 minutes, can we stay longer ?
    The time slots are just a guide and to help us stagger the flow of people entering the field. We recommend you stay for anytime between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours, to give everyone enough time to see the field and enjoy it.
  • I want to visit on a date you are not open is this possible ?
    No, we work tirelessly to prepare the field before the event and it is not safe for you to visit before we open and likewise once we close. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and we hope you understand how hard we work to be able to make this happen.
  • I would like to make a group booking, is this possible?
    All enquiries to
  • Your website seems to not be working/ I can't buy a ticket on your website, what's happening ?
    If you are receiving a message asking for a code, this means the date/time you are looking at is sold out! Please try another time slot or a different day
  • Can I swap my ticket as I have bought it on the wrong date/time ?
    All tickets are non-refundable and cannot be swapped by us.
  • Will you be opening more slots ?
    No, currently we are at capacity.
  • Can I turn up and buy tickets on the day?
    No, currently we are only able to give entry to those who have tickets. We cannot offer anymore spaces.
  • I missed tickets this year, can I get some for next year ?
    We currently do not have any dates for next year, tickets/opening times will be announced March/April 2024 when we know more, we haven't even planted the crop yet. We do not have a waiting list and we do not have an email sign up either.
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